About Alanna

I’m Alanna Mensing and I’m excited to serve the people of Manassas Park. I have two years experience serving on the School Board for Manassas Park City Schools, and seven years serving on the Architectural Review Board for the Blooms Crossing Homeowner’s Association. I have spoken at City Council meetings and Home Owner’s Association Board meetings. I have attended meetings of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and many legislative town halls. I am eager to serve and learn, and am not afraid to speak up and work hard.

I am a stay at home mom and a teacher. I’m passionate about educating our youth and inspiring their creativity and imaginations. I’m ran for City Council because I wanted to help Manassas Park grow, and become a destination where people want to live and work. Manassas Park is my home, and the home of my children, neighbors and friends. I want to see us all thrive.



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