Councilmember Alanna Mensing

Manassas Park City Council 2018-present

Lowering taxes through smart economic development.

A Manassas Park resident since 2009, I love and admire this city I call home. As Councilmember I work hard to bring us through these fiscally challenging years without compromising the integrity of our city.


  • Lowered our real estate taxes (6/22/21)
  • Voted to approve our new City Center, bringing retail and entertainment to the heart of Manassas Park and diversifying our income in order to provide future employee raises and tax cuts (6/16/2020)
  • Acquired the Golf Course and voted to turn it into Blooms Park
  • Voted to increase annual funding to the schools
  • Voted to refinance our debt to save approximately $2 Million for the City (6/17/19)
  • Increased life guard pay to eliminate pool closures at the Community Center (6/17/19)
  • Changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day (7/16/19)
  • Approved the smart scale application to improve intersections on Route 28 (9/1/20)
  • Purchased two new canopies to expand the MAP Clinic (9/1/20)
  • Implemented a new website for the City and user-friendly online pay system (9/15/20)


  • Council Member, Manassas Park City Council, Elected 2018
  • Commissioner, Manassas Park Planning Commission, since 2019
  • Member, School Board, Manassas Park City Schools (one term)
  • Chairwoman of the Board, Governor’s School at Innovation Park (2 years)
  • Chairwoman, ARB, Bloom’s Crossing Homeowner’s Association (7 years)
  • Self Employed music teacher, teaching the children of Manassas Park, since 2010
  • Piano teacher at the Manassas Park Community Center 2015-2020
  • Resident of Manassas Park since 2009
  • Mother of two young Manassas Park residents!


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